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Lady of Ravensmere

Jenevra Louvet, the thirteen year old daughter of the Earl of Allandale, travels to the north to be betrothed. Well-born, well-bred and well-trained, she would not embarrass a king.

But no king awaits her.

Instead she will marry the new made lord of a dilapidated castle threatened by war. Far from her family and the life she knows, with little support, she must find a way to grow into the woman and lady her new land and husband need.

Lady of Ravensmere is a richly imagined historical fantasy. Get your copy today!

About the author

Mary McKenna trained as a historian and lawyer, but gave it up to be a Navy wife. Now she writes around raising children and moving from coast to coast.

An early love of fairy tales brought her to fantasy, where she writes most of her own stories.

She plays the harp and studies Irish, loves college football and bleeds pinstripe during baseball season.


What I'm Working On

I’m not one for lots of details about what’s coming next, but these are the next projects. All percentages are absolutely approximate.

The X Book
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The R Book
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