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Christmas Pipes

Christmas and Magic intertwine throughout the holiday season to create joy, hope and love.

From elves solving disasters to angelic visitors, from opinionated talking toys to the temptation of the faerie folk, the stories in this collection bring more than a hint of magic to brighten winter evenings.

Includes “The Sleigh Crash of ’74”, “Angels We Have Heard”, “Toy Shop Nights”, “Rules” and “Christmas Pipes”

About the author

Mary McKenna trained as a historian and lawyer, but gave it up to be a Navy wife. Now she writes around raising children and moving from coast to coast.

An early love of fairy tales brought her to fantasy, where she writes most of her own stories.

She plays the harp and studies Irish, loves college football and bleeds pinstripe during baseball season.


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What I'm Working On

I’m not one for lots of details about what’s coming next, but these are the next projects. All percentages are absolutely approximate.

The X Book
Writing 33%
The R Book
Writing 0%

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