31 Days


I love fairy tales. Anyone who knows me knows that, and fairy tales factor into the book I’m working on. My mother loves to tell the story about how I learned my Grimm’s Fairy Tales early on, and I judged some of the violent and grotesque punishments for the villains as perfectly right. (Children are violent and like the bad guys punished. *shrug*)

So, for Write 31 Days, it seemed only right that I should do 31 Days of Fairy Tales. These are some of my favorites, some obscure, some less so. Some are from the Grimm Brothers, some from Andrew Lang, and at least one that will be my own telling. Each one will have my own notes on the tale, like why I like it or what I think about it.


Day 1 – The Goose Girl

Day 2 – Cinderella

Day 3 – East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Day 4 – The True Bride

Day 5 – The Princess in Disguise