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Day 4 – The True Bride

We’re back to the Grimms today. (East of the Sun, West of the Moon being a Scandinavian story and therefore not included in the Grimm Brothers’ collection.) The True Bride is a story which I originally learned under a different

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Day 2 – Cinderella

This time I went for a classic: Cinderella. But this isn’t the French version, with a fairy godmother and a glass slipper (and mice, if we talk about the Disney version). This is the German version. It has three days

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Day 1 – The Goose Girl

I’m starting with one of the earliest stories from my childhood. In fact, this is the fairy tale my mother talks about. She says that when I was three or so, I was watching a fairy tale show of The

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Starting October

October is looking like a busy month. I’m starting the Write 31 Days challenge, which for me will be 31 days of fairy tales. I love fairy tales. I think this will be a good chance to get back into

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