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Day 1 – The Twelve Brothers

This is another story I remember reading as a child. Partially it sticks in my mind because it’s another one with a violent punishment for the villain. As a child, those punishments were deeply satisfying; children are violent little creatures

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Day 0 of Thirty One Days

So I’m going to try this again this year, with hopefully better results. I got an ear infection last year (not surprising – I get ear infections frequently and always when I’m trying something difficult like this) and by the

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Day 5 – The Princess in Disguise

Speaking of beautiful dresses, this is another story that features the gowns gold like sunshine, silver as the moon and sparkling as the stars. The Princess in Disguise or Roughskin is the story of a princess who flees a marriage

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Day 4 – The True Bride

We’re back to the Grimms today. (East of the Sun, West of the Moon being a Scandinavian story and therefore not included in the Grimm Brothers’ collection.) The True Bride is a story which I originally learned under a different

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Day 2 – Cinderella

This time I went for a classic: Cinderella. But this isn’t the French version, with a fairy godmother and a glass slipper (and mice, if we talk about the Disney version). This is the German version. It has three days

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Day 1 – The Goose Girl

I’m starting with one of the earliest stories from my childhood. In fact, this is the fairy tale my mother talks about. She says that when I was three or so, I was watching a fairy tale show of The

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