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SPFBO Reviews, Part 3

I have thoughts about the whole, and I have definite opinions about the way things should be done, but I’m saving those for the end. In the meantime, I will just go on to my next batch of ten. 

21) The Woods by Em McDermott – Recommend. I’m not fully engaged and I don’t know why. I kept reading, but I wasn’t in. But someone else will be.

22) DNF – Sex in the first chapter before I care about any character is a no for me. 

23) DNF – More exposition would help. I was so confused about what was going on. I like mysteries well enough but I don’t like confusion. Which is a shame because the voice is compelling.

24) Gloaming by Charlotte E English – TBR. This one was unfair, I admit, because I am a huge fan of Charlotte and I already had this on my TBR. I’ve read two other of her Wonder Tales, so I knew what to expect. I’ll still recommend it to everyone though.

25) DNF – The pace is off, and I’m not sure why. Also, the prologue is probably not necessary.

26) DNF – The dialogue is filled is very much As You Know, and it didn’t sound natural for the characters’ relationship. Also, there is no emotional connection to the main character.

27) Infernal Shadow by Taylor Crook – Recommend. This is someone’s new favorite book. I don’t know that it’s mine, but I might come back to it.

28) Lady of Ravensmere by Mary McKenna – I’m going to break with the  tradition in these and recommend my own book. This will not be to everyone’s taste, but it will be to somebody’s. If you like Guy Gavriel Kay (his historical fantasies, not Fionavar), you may like this, because I’m doing something similar.

29) A Rival Most Vial by R.K. Ashwick – TBR. It’s funny and clever and hits just right for me. I’ll also add that if you are a fan of Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Winston and Ruby stories, this has a similar vibe. (Alternately, if you love this, go find Winston and Ruby.)

30) DNF – Exposition is your friend. I have no sense of place here, no idea of the world. Also, a prologue again, no idea if it’s necessary.

Part 3 Summary:

TBRs: 2

Recommends: 3

DNFs: 5


TBRs: 8

Recommends: 9

DNFs: 13

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