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SPFBO Reviews, Part 4

I don’t know if being sick affected my mood or if I drew the short straw this set. I also have Thoughts, and I’m still trying to avoid that at this point, but I have to say something.

31) DNF – There’s too much distance. I’m not in the story, I’m watching. And while I know why the author did it, I don’t think it worked the way they intended.

32) DNF – Aside from hitting a real pet peeve, my problem is I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve said before that a mystery is good, confusion is not.

33) DNF – I don’t know what’s going on, and sadly, I don’t care. This didn’t make me want to know.

34) Nascent Witch by Melissa Bobe – Recommend. The dialogue doesn’t work for me, but I love the voice. I might give this another try.  

35) Platinum-Tinted Darkness – Recommend. I’m not invested enough – I think the emotional distance is not right for me. But someone else will love it, because the voice is good, the world-building interesting and the plot interesting.

36) Seeds of War by João F. Silva – Recommend. This has what I can tell is some great world-building. But it falls prey to a problem that I have seen more than once. In an effort to avoid an info dump, it doesn’t tell us about the world. I’m not grounded in it, and so I’m not staying in. That said, someone else will.

37) DNF – It’s juvenile, but not like a children’s book. More like it’s immature. I can’t tell what it’s supposed to be, but I’m not the audience.

38) DNF – I really want to like this one, and maybe I’ll go back an give it another try. But the pacing of the opening chapter is off. There’s so little description and the action happens so fast that I can’t get invested.

39) DNF – I started skimming and flicking forward. There’s no description, just a bunch of make-believe words, and the tone is again juvenile. There’s a bunch of characters, and they’re all indistinguishable, because I don’t know anything about them.

40) Wild Knight by Annabel Chase – Description, description, description. But if you enjoy some post apocalyptic urban fantasy, give this a try. The voice is very good.

Part 4 Summary:

TBRs: 0

Recommends: 4

DNFs: 6


TBRs: 8

Recommends: 13

DNFs: 19

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