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SPFBO Reviews, Part 4

I don’t know if being sick affected my mood or if I drew the short straw this set. I also have Thoughts, and I’m still trying to avoid that at this point, but I have to say something. 31) DNF

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SPFBO Reviews, Part 3

I have thoughts about the whole, and I have definite opinions about the way things should be done, but I’m saving those for the end. In the meantime, I will just go on to my next batch of ten.  21)

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SPFBO Reviews, Part 2

So after doing the first bunch, I thought, “This isn’t so bad. I can handle it, and I don’t have to be mean.” (Not that other people have been mean, exactly, but they haven’t held back. And Tom Mock has

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SPFBO Reviews, Part 1

I’ll post these in groups of ten books, which means thirty posts over the next few months. Twitter will have the shorter version of this, but here I’ll elaborate a bit. 1) Speechless in Achten-Tan by Debbie Iancu-Haddad – I

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SPFBO First Chapter Read

I talked about SPFBO before. It’s essentially three hundred books, and no one, practically speaking, has time to read three hundred books, even if you wanted to. So, several authors on Twitter, starting with Steven William Hannah, have done threads

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