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Welcome to the New Year

2021 is starting, which means a new year filled with new goals and plans.

I’m recording some of mine here, to keep myself honest. If I write them out and share them, then people will ask me about them and I’ll have to answer.

First, Project X. I want to get that finished and out. I’m working to get that done by the end of school and out in June. It’ll be tough, especially since, given the pandemic, I’m in charge of supervising virtual school here. I can’t write during school, so my hours are limited.

Second, the sequel to Lady of Ravensmere. I wasn’t planning on that next – I was planning on a fairy tale retelling or the R project. But a lot of people have asked about the sequel, so I think that’ll be the next topic. The goal is to have it out before Christmas.

Third, in September and October, I’ll be working on a collection of Christmas short stories that will, hopefully, be out the last week of October or the first week of November.

Those are modest goals compared to some authors I know, but that’s my plan. I need to write 3,100 words a week to make it. We’ll see how I do.

Readers, feel free to ask how it’s going.

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